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Deutschsprachige Larps

1000 Atmosphären
Österreichische Larp-Orga mit einer Sammlung ihrer frei verfügbaren Minilarps. Sehr empfehlenswert.

Drama Games
Die Waldritter haben nicht nur eine großartige Sammlung von kurzen Larps, die bei ihnen unter dem Label Drama Games laufen, sondern auch ein jährliches Festival im Dezember.

Drama Games (Postcard Games)
Die Postcard Games sind Nano-Larps, die wirklich auf einer Postkarte Platz finden und auch so angeboten werden. Wir haben die deutschsprachigen in unserer Datenbank im Bereich Nanolarps.

Lutz Schmitt
Lutz ist Designer und Larpdesigner und hat zwei seiner Larps auf seiner Website zur freien Verfügung gestellt. Wir haben sie auch bei uns gehostet.

English Larps

10 Bad Larps
“10 Bad LARPs” is a series of improv-style, spectators-encouraged LARPs. The format of each game is a back-to-back series of micro-LARPs, each of which is ten minutes long. Players do not get any clue as to the characters they will be playing until each game begins. There are no mechanics at all – instead, players simply pantomime actions and resolve them dramatically, similar to how improvisational comedy works.

Danish library of freeform games. This is only their English games, there’s hundreds of scenarios in Danish or other Nordic languages available as well.

Alles ist Zahl
Gerrit Reininhaus’s overview of existing LAOGs (online larps).

American Freeform
Lizzie Stark’s overview of American short form larps.

Chamber Games
No updates for a long time, but still a great collection.

#feminism Nano Game Anthology
Available as a book (they have a preview that we also host here) this is a fantastic collection of a divers crew of authors. Highly recommended!

Golden Cobra Challenge
An annual challenge for great Minilarps. Running since 2014 and they host all submissions and winners on their site.

Interactive Dramas
We hope to develop the most comprehensive archive of role playing and interactive drama freeform scenarios on the Web.

After 10 years of no updates one could declare it dead were it not for the many really great games offered on this site. Still a recommendation!

The J.Tuomas Harviainen Collection
One of the jeeps without his own website, Lizzie Stark has collected Jiituomas‘ larps on her website. Every single one recommended. A translation of his scenario Tribunal is also available on our site.

Larps from the Factory
A great book of larps with a lot of add-ons on their website.

Leaving Mundania
Lizzie Starks main website.

Mo Holkar’s Collection
Mo is a professional larp designer writing commercial murder mystery games, but also offering a number of fantastic scenarios.

Stockholm Scenario Festival
Since 2013, the scenario festival hosts all games played on their website. A wonderful collection.

Andere relevante Links

The Workshop Handbook (english)
Larp related workshops in a great collection in this blog.

Wilde Workshop Spiele (deutsch)
Eine deutsche Workshopsammlung, nicht speziell für Larps, aber viele dafür geeignet.

Metatechniken für Larps
Die Seite wird leider nicht mehr aktualisiert, aber die Sammlung der Metatechniken ist immer noch sehr hilfreich.

Writing a larp script
An article by Lizzie Stark, Elin Nilsen and Trine Lise Lindahl. Part of the Larp Factory Book Project.