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English Games

These are all games in the English language in our database.

Larp Min # Max # Duration Themes
#feminism Preview (2 games) feminism, sexism, romance, media, body
A Squadron Story 5 5 Sci-Fi
After Dark 2 8 2-3h loneliness, social distancing, silence
Bad Omens 6 8 4h Angels, Demons, The Apocalypse et.al.
Double Soulstrip 6 6 clichés and gender stereotypes
ECOllapse 15 25 2h climate change
End Game (LAOG version) 3 5 2h
Glorified 5 8 Empowerment, Tanz, Performance, Politik
Golden Cobra Anthology 2014 Various Various Various Various
Goodbye Father 3 3 1 hour Abusive Parenting, Murder, Cannibalism
It Is Hungry Too 1 1 1 hour Being Alone, Being Watched, Darkness
Kill All Others 3 3 90min dystopian paradise, total surveillance, control
Last Words 3 3 2h unfortunate death, grief, helplessness, emotional vulnerability, unresolved issues, desire to help
Limbo Life, Death
Makeup Moments 1 4 90min
my battery is low and it’s getting dark 5 8 25-40min darkness, cold and death
Mythology Mash (English) 3 9 2h religion, political influence
Nanolarp Triptych (3 games) Nanolarps in general, various themes
Of your own free will… 5 9 3h Horror, Dracula
Outscored 3 5 2h Dystopia, Social Scoring
PRISM Larp Anthology (19 games) Queer games
Selfie 3 5 30 min Selfies, emotions, communication, mutual support
So Mom I Made This Sex Tape 3 5 40 min Porn, feminism, generational conflict.
So Mom, I made this sex tape (LAOG version) 3 5 40min sex, feminism, independence, self-determination
Somehow everything here looks like home 5 8 4h nostalgia, friendship and personal development
Soul Strip (English version) 3 3 30-45 min faithfulness, nudity, inner monologue
Suburban Consumption of the Monstrous (Free Playkit) 1 3 Horror
The Election of the Wine Queen (LAOG version) 4 6 4h
The Frontline (English) 10 13 4h Death, Violence, Responsibility
The Socks that are left 3 8 30min
The Space between us 5 5 4-6h Lost in Space, Family relationships, Sci-Fi, Nordic Larp
Titanic: Save Out Souls 16 40 2-3 h love, grief, loss
Tuk Fast, Tuk Furious (English version) 2 6 20-40min The Race
Valor and Sacrifice 5 1h Fighting, Death
ViewScream 3 5 1-1,5h Thriller, Horror, SciFi