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Autor:in: Kevin Blank
Sprache: EN
Themen: climate change
Spielerzahl: 15 bis 25
Spielleitungen: 1
Dauer: 2h
Raum: Enough space for all player to comfortably move around, some chairs and tables for set decoration.
Andere Anforderungen: Sticky Balls representing food, A prop to attach them to all player, Pinnable role descriptions, props for fish hunting


A Minilarp about a failing oceanic ecosystem

In this game, 15-25 players take the role of different creatures living in the ocean. They move around, hunt, eat and reproduce. Some animals might eat the floating bits that swim around, while others might actually hunt other animals and fish swarms. 

The system will be in balance, with enough food for everyone to go around and no-one taking too much. 

Players who are killed are recycled back as new creatures. 

Eventually, the first players will take the role of humans – fishers who at first only want to get a bit of the fish for themselves, not really hurting the system, but eventually will go larger and larger in scale, doing permanent harm. 

One by one, species will not have enough food to reproduce, and finally, to survive. The system will slowly collapse, and what once were fish and edible creatures are now only jellyfish, slowly drifting through the vast ocean — and even the humans will not be able to survive.

Quelle: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KlTTb1i7T59mxwl6_vlDPDoEjBhOceSoo11i07_NkPE/edit

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