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Autor:in: Thomas Christophel
Sprache: EN
Themen: Empowerment, Tanz, Performance, Politik
Spielerzahl: 5 bis 8
Andere Anforderungen:


Glorified is an empowering dance LARP where nobody has to dance. On the eve of an election, friends, freaks and fellow dancers celebrate their art and each other while the threat of oppression is looming.

In Glorified, the players take on the roles of professional and accomplished dancers who meet up in their favorite dance club. These dancers have gone through a life of hardship and oppression to build and find this safe space amongst each other. Over the course of a number of scenes, the group gets drawn into an ugly fight over the country’s future: An election campaign fought out between right-wing populists and liberal progressives.

During the LARP, the characters will relive their characters troubled past and face the threats of the current day society to then go on stage to celebrate who they are despite it all. The LARP aims to create an empowering experience portraying personal and societal struggle as challenges to be overcome. The LARP is designed to include players that would not normally dance and allows them to roleplay their characters stage performances without actually dancing.

Trigger warning: The LARP touches (sometimes tangentially) on many issues that can evoke strong emotional responses such a family and relationship conflict and violence, political and personal discrimination and prosecution, as well as homophobia, sexism, racism, homelessness and unemployment.

Quelle: https://somehowgames.itch.io/glorified
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