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It Is Hungry Too

Autor:in: Banana Chan, Sadia Bies
Sprache: EN
Themen: Being Alone, Being Watched, Darkness
Kategorien: Nano und Sammlung
Spielerzahl: 1 bis 1
Spielleitungen: 0
Dauer: 1 hour
Andere Anforderungen: Leftovers or ingredients for a meal, Two plates, Nail clippers, Scissors, A small vial or cup, A sentimental trinket, A flashlight.


It Is Hungry Too is a solo game where you assemble a plate of food for yourself and the monster that lives in the shadows of your home. What do you give the creature to keep is satisfied, to keep it quiet enough to continue to live your life? Will it be enough to save you?

This is a sample from the upcoming anthology, Suburban Consumption of the Monstrous by Banana Chan and Sadia Bies. You can follow the kickstarter prelaunch for the project here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pelgranepress/suburban-consumption-of-the-monstrous

Quelle: https://witchstitches.itch.io/suburban-consumption-of-the-monsterous-free-playkit

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