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Kill All Others

Autor:in: Lutz Schmitt
Sprache: EN
Themen: dystopian paradise, total surveillance, control
Spielerzahl: 3 bis 3
Spielleitungen: 1
Dauer: 90min
Andere Anforderungen:


In a not so far future: Life is comfortable, and all existential threats have been eliminated. The government takes care of your personal well-being. Everyone enjoys a carefree living. Safety.
But to achieve this utopia, society has been transformed into a technocracy. Regulations on everything, strict prosecution and total surveillance. Transparency.

The president is elected directly, but there’s always only one candidate. The parliament was disbanded long ago. No enemy at the borders, no extremists from within. Not even protesters on the street. Everyone obeys. Unity.

You play peers at a factory. You regularly meet for small talk about life, sports, politics, the cantina’s menu or the weather. A new topic comes up, when the president demands: “Kill all others”.

You start discussing who are these others and what your opinion is about them. From here the drama develops to the point that one of you will be identified as an other. Do you want to find out who it is? Will you report your friend?

Rechte: CC-BY
Quelle: https://lutzschmitt.com/larp/kill-all-others
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