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Autor:in: Hanna-Verena Walter
Sprache: EN
Kategorien: Online
Spielerzahl: bis
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„Redemption“ is a free to play online larp. It’s topics and playstyle can range from kind and wholesome to cruel and „type II fun“. Please communicate with your players how you plan to play it.

It’s the year 2121.
After several waves of epidemic outbreaks in prisons and to set an end to the uncontrollable violence, the drug problems and gang structures, it has been decided that prisoners should no longer be able to have contact. Solidary confinement is mandatory. Convicts have to take part in the physical education program, where they are together with other convicts, but other than that they are confined to their cells. In order to keep them busy, they have access to arts (no movies or games), books and education. And then there’s the third option: The Redemption Program.

Rechte: CC-BY-NC
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