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The Space between us

Autor:in: Wibora Wildfeuer
Sprache: EN
Themen: Lost in Space, Family relationships, Sci-Fi, Nordic Larp
Kategorien: 2020 und Online
Spielerzahl: 5 bis 5
Spielleitungen: 1
Dauer: 4-6h
Andere Anforderungen:


Your family. Your crew. Your mission. A space drama.

You are: The Mangatas, the most famous family in Spacefleet. Your Mission: to find a habitable planet. Because motherplanet Earth isn’t gonna do it for much longer. After 100 years of cryo sleep you woke up in this remote part of the universe. Now you have to be strong as a family and stick together, if you don’t want to lose your mind in the vast emptiness of space.

Inspired by TV shows like Lost in Space and The Expanse and Nordic Style Larps like Odysseus.

We’ve been fearing it for years. Now, at the dawn of the 23rd century, the day when Earth becomes uninhabitable to humans looms near. Our only recourse is to send exploratory ships far and wide into space to search for a new home… and to hope that we aren’t too late.

Humanity’s desperate last hope, you are a member of the distinguished Mangata spacefaring family. You have been sent into deep space searching for a new home for your species, now that it has royally screwed up Earth’s habitability. You are alone in your solo exploration craft, cut off by vast distances from Earth, your only human contact the video calls between you and the four distant ships that make up the rest of your team. Can you overcome the familial tensions between you? Can you brave the ghosts of your past and complete your mission?

“The Space Between Us” is an online larp that is played via video chat (e.g. ZOOM, Skype). It requires exactly five players and one gamemaster, and lasts about 5 hours including workshops and debrief. There are prewritten characters and secret roles. This larp focuses on the relationships between the members of the family, and how they will affect the characters on their mission. And there will be some space adventure!

Rechte: Copyright
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