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Titanic: Save Out Souls

Autor:in: Lutz Schmitt
Sprache: EN
Themen: love, grief, loss
Spielerzahl: 16 bis 40
Spielleitungen: 2
Dauer: 2-3 h
Raum: A big room
Andere Anforderungen: some sound PA


A dramatic larp scenario exploring love, grief and loss


It’s Sunday, 14th April 1912, short before midnight. In less than three hours the RMS Titanic will sink to the bottom of the North Atlantic and will take 1503 souls with her:

“This is the captain speaking. Everybody please remains calm. For security reasons, you’re all asked to enter the lifeboats. Women and children first.”

What you will play

All participants will play passengers of the Titanic. You will play couples. The great drama of the Titanic will be your personal drama. Will you strive for survival, or will you die for your beliefs in honour, dignity or charity? Will you leave your partner behind, or will you stay together, at all costs? How will you feel, when the time has come to give your loved one the last farewell?

What you need to play

  • 16-40 players, 1 game master and per 20 players 1 assistant.
  • A big room, some sound PA and about 2-3 hours to play.
  • Extensive preparation by the GM necessary.

Fine Print

This is Version 1.0 of this scenario, released on 2022-04-12. If you have questions, ideas or what not, I’m happy to hear about them! Just drop me an e-mail: larp@lutzschmitt.com. The scenario document is published under a Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives 4.0 International license.

Rechte: CC 4.0 ND
Quelle: https://lutzschmitt.com/larp/titanic?fbclid=IwAR0EcTeDTcQjisdd79pAvPwYSPx_2giDSa0Db8idGb1IpluwQD7bQ_EHiHI

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