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Tuk Fast, Tuk Furious (English version)

Autor:in: Gerrit Reininghaus
Sprache: EN
Themen: The Race
Spielerzahl: 2 bis 6
Dauer: 20-40min
Raum: Online
Andere Anforderungen: print-out of the map, a pen, 5 tokens per player, 2d6


You are a tuktuk racing driver in the steep alleys of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. Like superheroes, you might have a different profession and totally normal life by day. But sometimes, when the call for a race goes out, you get to your garage to climb into your tuktuk. Your tuktuk is like a lover, a friend, a brothersister. A race can be called out for all kind of reasons: love, honour, justice, wealth – everything. But what is always true is that there is only one goal for everybody – to win the race no matter what it takes.

Quelle: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B345WFfQExTdUkdBWDRNOE1DNVhBNWNZaG5KbnRhd0xZMUdv
Download Tuk Fast, Tuk Furious (English version)

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