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Valor and Sacrifice

Autor:in: Kevin Blank
Sprache: EN
Themen: Fighting, Death
Spielerzahl: 5 bis
Spielleitungen: 1
Dauer: 1h
Raum: A fireplace with seating around
Andere Anforderungen: Some drinks for the players (normal or alcoholic is fine) (optional), Music


In this game, players are seated around a fire – they take on the roles of warriors of an ancient polytheistic religion who have fought a great battle for their gods. In this round, each of the will tell the story of how they fought and how they died. When dying, they step away from the fire, into the shadows. The rest all cheers to their achievement, and their sacrifice. 

The last player remaining will be one of the few survivors of the battle, and can decide the outcome.

This game is a quasi-sequel to another atmospheric Storytelling game played around a fire, Mythology Mash. It can be played very well directly after, basing on the world created there, utilizing the already burning fire, which slowly turns into dying embers. 

Quelle: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eYj8L0rnr9GBp2PZMFNO29nXgnL3Vd-NWngBwZ3o05s/edit

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